About My Turkey Hollow Twilight Zone

Welcome!  A little about My Turkey Hollow Twilight Zone and me.

I’m Pam, Nurse, Mom, Gramma, Essential Oil Health Advocate, Writer and creator of My Turkey Hollow Twilight Zone (MTHTZ), Gardener, Runner, Retired Bull Rider (that’s another story entirely), and lover of all things in nature. . . just tryin’ to keep it all together and wishing there were more hours in the day for the good things.

Have you ever felt like you’re living in The Twilight Zone?  Then you can relate to the frustration of taming all the chaos life throws at us every day into some kind of order without compromising our own health and wellness.

That’s the motivation and goal of this website.  Learning how to realistically turn the chaos into order, benefit from healthy foods at our fingertips through growing and preserving from your own garden, create healthy and holistic lifestyle habits, and still live in the real world.

I’ve reached a new stage in life.  It’s called being “50 something”.  A place where I’ve come to realize life is not going to wait on any of us to figure it out first.  It’s time to get down to the business of living in our own personal realities, and make time for the very special people in our lives!

We can turn the page to a healthier focus on life, get back to the things we love to do, continue on the journey of a healthy lifestyle, and cut loose from the things that really, really ruin our day!  It’s all about balance.

I look forward to joining with all of you to help you reach your goal of finding contentment in living a more minimalistic, organic, mindful lifestyle, happily from the heart of my inner 70’s Flower Child!

I hope to see you around the Twilight Zone!

Peace Out,



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