About My Turkey Hollow Twilight Zone

Welcome!  A little about My Turkey Hollow Twilight Zone and the one woman show behind it.

I’m Pam, Nurse, Mom, Gramma, Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, Writer and Creator of My Turkey Hollow Twilight Zone (MTHTZ), Gardener, Runner, Retired Bull Rider (that’s another story entirely), and lover of all things in nature, and now taking the exciting plunge into the SPIN Farming business!

What Is SPIN Farming?

SPIN ~ Small Plot INtensive Farming, is all about growing fresh produce on, in my case, less than an acre.  It can be done, and it has been done, and now it’s happening in Taylor Ridge, Illinois!

That’s the motivation and goal of what I’m doing at MTHTZ and this website.  Always learning, and teaching you, how to benefit from healthy foods at your fingertips.  How to prepare and preserve produce grown here in Taylor Ridge or in your own back yard.  I want to help you create healthy and holistic lifestyle habits, yet still live in the real world.

In being a source of health and wellness for you, and your family, I want to provide you with good quality produce without added chemicals.  Just the good stuff!  But, while the food we eat is a huge part of our overall health, there’s more to it.  There are other healthy habits that all add up to living longer healthier lives, and I want to be there to encourage you every step of the way!

We can turn the page to a healthier focus on life, get back to the things we love to do, continue on the journey of a healthy lifestyle, and cut loose from the things that really, really ruin our day!  It’s all about balance.

I look forward to joining with all of you to show you how you can reach your goal of finding contentment and health in living a more minimalistic, organic, mindful lifestyle, happily from the heart of my inner 70’s Flower Child!

So stay tuned for more information as the changes at MTHTZ evolve in 2018!

I hope to see you around the Twilight Zone!

Peace Out,



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